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Monday, June 11, 2012

Trying New Things

Growing up, I hated trying new foods. If it had anything green or oddly textured or smelled like something I had never had before, I didn't want to have any part in it. I would have been perfectly happy with a bowl of spaghetti for dinner every night, but I guess old people have more "sophisticated" tastes and like variety in their diets.

Alas, I have become one of those old people. I find as I grow older, I start developing tastes for things like tomatoes and onions. I started liking salads and chicken parmigiana and things "sophisticated" old people like.

This last week the husband and I were talking and decided to branch out from our normal pepperoni pizza and try some now types of pizza. This week we made BBQ chicken pizza. Here is our recipe:

You will need:
Pizza crust
BBQ sauce
red onion

1. Start by baking your favorite pizza crust recipe.

2. When it is ready to cook, dust your pizza pan with cornmeal. All good pizzas have cornmeal on the bottom.

3. Roll out your dough in a circular shape (or square if you wish) and spread your BBQ sauce all over it.

4. Chop up some red onion and slice up a tomato and pick the leaves off your cilantro. Cook your chicken.

5. Top your pizza with all your ingredients.

Bake and enjoy!

As my husband and I were sitting there eating our delicious pizza, we were talking about how as kids this would have been totally disgusting. It has funny little green and red and purple things all over it. Gross.

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