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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October, 15 2013

Lil' man at 3 months:

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The New Little Man

So, I know no one reads this thing, but I thought I would post a couple of pictures of the newest member of our family up here anyway. This is him at 6 weeks. What a cutie! 

Monday, June 10, 2013


Update on moving:
We are now living in California and all settled into our new place. It has been a hectic couple of weeks moving (ex. find good grocery stores, DMV stuff, change address with everyone, find a pediatrician, set up and organize apartment, etc, etc. etc.) There is SO much to do when you move to a new state. 

Update on work:
The husband started his new job and he likes it. He especially likes the people who he works with and plans to stay with this company his entire career if possible. 
My Etsy shop is doing really well, but I am shutting it down for a month or two until I feel up to running it again after baby comes. I will have some great new products when I reopen, so keep your eye out for it (probably in August.)

Update on baby:
I'm officially full term now (37 weeks). The doctor said at my appt. this morning that they are ready when I'm ready. It really depends on when baby is ready, though. He gets the final say in all this. Haha. He is looking good, measuring right on track and head down and everything is the way it's supposed to be. I am still feeling pretty good. I think we are about as ready for him as we are going to be, we are just waiting for him to decide when to make his appearance.

Update on church:
We like our new ward. There are several other couples/ recent graduates that have moved in from the Utah area in the past few weeks as well. We got new callings last week, with husband teaching a 12 yr. old Sunday school class and I am in young womens.

I think that's about it. Sorry there are no pictures.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Today= 3 hour glucose test cause I failed the 1 hour one last week (just barely.) That's what happens when they give you more sugar than you have had at one time in your whole pregnancy.
It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. When I took the 1 hour one, I felt dizzy and lightheaded afterwards. With this one, I felt fine, besides being tired from having to get up early for it and not being able to eat for 8 hours before the test. It helped that DH was there to help pass the time. Will find out results on Monday.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


The husband, who is graduating later this month, just received a job offer! We will be moving to California where he will start his new job in early May. We couldn't be more excited!!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Baby Clothes Round 2

I told you there would be more. This is pretty much what I have been up to lately along with running my Etsy shop and finishing up school. I finished my last class of the semester this morning! yay! I have had a lot of time for fun sewing projects since I quit my job back in December. Here is round two of adorable little boy clothes that I have made (stay tuned for round 3, I still have several projects in the works and 3 more months till LO is here.)

 Animal Applique Onesies




 Yoda- Made this one for Alex, he loves it.

 Polka Dot Coveralls

Helicopter Applique Onesie and Matching Pants

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Baby Clothes

Since we found out we are having a boy, I got to make a trip to the fabric store (thanks for the hobby lobby gift card you got me for Christmas Granny!) and I have had such a fun time making little boy clothes :) Here are the projects I have done so far:

 Vest and Tie Applique Onesie with Matching Pants

 Close up of the Vest and Tie

 Blue Stripe Pants

 Gray Corduroy Pants

 Black and White Stripe Mittens

 Dinosaur Coveralls

 Bow Tie and Suspenders Applique Onesie

Blue/ Yellow Plaid Coveralls

I don't have tutorials. Sorry about that. I'm too lazy to make tutorials for all this stuff. I can tell you, though, that for the coveralls and pants I used Simplicity pattern #2459. The appliques I made up on my own. I got the tutorial for the mittens here:

And I'm only just getting started...making baby clothes is too fun!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Adobe Kuler

Lately I have been struggling to come up with color schemes for my designs. I like some of the stuff design seeds has, but I don't like sorting through pages of color schemes trying to find what I like and I thing design seeds is overused.
Well today I was perusing pinterest for color and design inspiration and I remembered Adobe Kuler. For those of you that don't know what that is, it is basically a website put together by adobe where you can create, search, and find color schemes. It has loads of wonderful color schemes that you can download right into adobe illustrator. yay!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Etsy Link- Label Stickers

First, a disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the following companies and/or products their products. I am not liable for anything that has to do with their products or purchases made when you leave this page.

A few other items of business:

1. Please DO NOT go find .75 in. or any other pre-sized labels labels to print my candy labels or other products on. My templates will NOT line up with the stickers on whatever brand of labels you find. There is not a universal template for this, as labels come in various brands/sizes and I can't accommodate all of them.   Printing on a full sheet of sticker paper and punching out with a .75 in. hole punch (for candy labels) or cutting with scissors or a paper trimmer (for other products) is the easiest way to do it.

2. Printing my labels on sticker paper is not mandatory, it's just easier. They can just as well be printed on regular paper, card stock, or photo paper and glued/taped depending on the type of label.

3. Some of the following links are for online purchases and some can be found in stores. You will need to call or visit your local store to see if they carry them in your area. Some of the links are for the same product, but in a different store. Hopefully you have one of the following stores near you that carries them. I cannot guarantee any of these items to be in stock where you live.




Office Depot


Yesterday in my InDesign class, I rediscovered the world of glyphs. I played with these when I was younger because they had fun pictures that I could use in my boring word document. As I got older though, I forgot about them. They don't have much real-world application in high school. BUT NOW, I have just been opened up to a whole world of free, unlicensed design elements and there is a page of them for EVERY SINGLE FONT!!! and I have a lot  of fonts.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A glimpse of hope

It reached 20 degrees today which is the warmest it has been for like 3 weeks. Most days it has barely gotten above 0! Come on spring, I'm ready for you...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I am sorry about being so terrible about blogging. We've had lots going on with both of us being in school and Alex is looking for a job (if any of you know of any geotechnical engineering positions for someone who will be graduating in April, we would love to know!) and the big announcement: we are expecting! We don't know if it is a boy or girl yet. We will find out mid-February. I'm guessing boy and Alex is guessing girl, but we really have no idea. 
It's the first grandchild on both sides, so we do know that they are gonna be spoiled!