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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Post with no Pictures

You may not even get to reading this sentence. After all, who wants to read a blog with no pictures? I know people who blog without pictures and I NEVER read their blogs. Whats the fun in looking at pages and pages of words? We want visuals. Seriously, it will help your pageviews. We don't just want to read about what is going on in you life, we want to see it. 

Anyway, yesterday was one of the best days ever. My husband and I BOTH had the day off. which is very rare. very, very rare. So we woke up and we went to the farmers market and visited the new pioneer village at north park in Provo. (plug: It was free and AWESOME, great place to take the kids. fun and relaxing and cool.) we tried out hand at barbecuing which neither of us knew how to do very well. We had smoked hot dogs. luke warm. We went to the park and flew kites and attracted the attention of all the 2 year olds in the park who were the proper age for kite flying. 

We got to spend the whole day together, just the two of us. no work, no school, no meetings, no errands to run, nothing. It was the best day ever. the end.

p.s. If you actually read this post, thanks. I know it must be dreadfully boring with no pictures, but if you will continue reading, I have lots of posts that are wonderfully decorated with lots of colorful pictures.

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