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Monday, February 27, 2012

Idaho Trip

Once upon a time last weekend, we took a trip up to Idaho with my husbands parents. We visited His aunts and uncles place where we played games and hung out.

We drove by the Idaho temple. It was pretty.
We stopped at these falls. I think they were called the shoshone falls. They were cool. I didn't grow up near much water, so it's fun to see this kind of stuff.

Lastly, we went to this amazing dinner that a member of their stake who owns a restaurant put on. It was by far the most elaborate church activity I have ever been to. It was like going to a restaurant. The tables were set up formally with decor from his restaurant as table centerpieces and it was fancy stuff. Everyone dressed up. There were pasta options of penne, spaghetti, chicken alfredo, and lasagne. There was salad, breadsticks, and french bread. Everything you would get at the restaurant. Afterward there was dancing. I made my husband get up and dance with me. We were the second couple to go out on the dance floor in a room full of people we didn't know. You should have seen how bright red his face went. It was epic. Sorry I don't have pictures of this part. I only made him dance through 1 song.

The end.

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