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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Date #2

Yesterday, we went on Date #2 of our twelve dates of Christmas and it was so much fun! Here is the paper that went with it:

Basically we were doing a slumber party. We had a free redbox rental coupon, and so we got cars 2, because my husband just loves Mater.

We splurged on a Little Ceasar's $5.00 hot and ready pizza for dinner.

And we filled the front room with all our pillows and blankets, cuddled up, watched our movie, and ate dinner.

After the pizza was gone, we had popcorn. extra butter. yum.

After the movie, we filled out quizzes about each other. 99 questions. It was fun to guess at each others answers and we learned some new stuff. Then we just stayed up and talked. It was lots of fun.
Stay tuned for date #3

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  1. Alex, you have the best wife EVER.

    --Your Mom in law


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