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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Doing the Dishes

The other day I really needed to do the dishes, but my apron was dirty, and I didn't want to do the dishes in my normal clothes, because then they would get dirty, so I whipped up this little number, and got the dishes done.

This damask fabric was a table runner from my wedding. The pink was a fabric quarter. First I cut a rectangle out for the top part and two long strips for the neck straps. I cut out a rectangle of pink and three strips for the ruffles. I just cut a big circle for the bottom and cut the top off of the circle to make it flat to match up with the pink rectangle. Then I sewed it all together. ta da.

Hint: a really easy way to make those ruffles is to turn the tension on your sewing maching all the way up and turn your stitch length to the longest stitch. Then just sew away. The machine does all the ruffling work. You don't need any special thread, needles, or presser feet. Also, I didn't hem the ruffles either. I just brushed the edges with clear nail polish. Its lots cheaper then fray check and just as effective.

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