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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More Brithday and Halloween

So because my husband spent 9 hours on my birthday taking his FE exam (brutal), we celebrated on Sunday. I made this delicious ice cream pie and got to have some friends and family over.
(the day before) I just used a keebler shortbread pie crust that we already had on hand. I baked half of a box of chocolate cake mix and stirred it together with frosting (milk, vanilla, and powdered sugar.) Sorry I don't have a more precise recipe. I just eyeballed it, but I'm sure you can find one on allrecipes or something like that. Anyway, then I pressed the cake mixture into the bottom of the pie crust, scooped ice cream on top, and froze it overnight.

On Sunday, some friends came over and we ate delicious pie and played this game. It is not nearly risque as it looks or sounds. It is actually quite an innocent game and lots of fun for any party.

On Sunday morning, I also made my husband carve pumpkins with me, which he hates doing, but I think it turned out really well anyway.

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