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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Husband's Birthday

Today was my husbands birthday, and to celebrate, I got up at 5:30 in the morning to make him breakfast (pancakes and eggs and bacon) before he woke up for school at 6. After he left, I decorated the house in Australian decor. (That is where he served his mission) Here are some pictures:
I also set up a tent in the front room, so that it was like we were camping in the Australian Outback. I had aborigine Australian music playing in the background too.

The husband requested lasagna for this birthday dinner, which is not very Australian, but was delicious nonetheless. I served it with salad and french bread:

I dressed up as a waitress and served him all his food. It was lots of fun. After dinner, I made a marshmallow pie for him since marshmallows are his favorite food:
He said it was the best birthday he had since he was like 10, so I think it was a success.


  1. Hello! I found your fabric bouquet post and love it but don't see a follow-up post about instructions. I'm planning on making my own and was wondering if you had any tips for me? Any fabric you found that works better than others? I'd love any thoughts you had on it!

  2. For the stems, I wrapped long, thin strips of green fabric around wire stems that I got in the floral section of my local craft store and around one short wooden dowel. For the flowers, you could use any type of fabric you want. Mine was a mixture of organza, satin, and nylon. To make the fabric, I cut strips of the fabric about 3 in. wide and folded them in half. Then I rolled them up and glued the bottom of the flower to a 3 in. styrofoam ball. the finished product was about 7 inches across. I stuck the wooden dowel into the styrofoam ball and tied all the floral wires and dowel together with ribbon. Then I glued some fake pearls into the flowers. I hope this helps.


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