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Monday, April 9, 2012

Nasty Old Apartments

I could go on for awhile about all the problems that exist in BYU housing from overpriced laundry machines to toilets that drip water into your kitchen, but you all know these things and have your own unique set of BYU housing experiences (I would love to hear some BTW. Tell me your worst story in the comments below.)

Well this week, I found flour beetles in my flour. yuk. I am 99% positive that these lovely creatures came with my apartment. They were living off of a bag of flour that I shoved in the back corner of one of my cupboards when we first moved in. We have lived here for 11 months, which gave those little buggies plenty of time to reproduce. It was not a pretty sight. And I had to throw away 30 pounds of infested flour.  gross.

 So I decided it was time for a little spring cleaning. I am devoting the remainder of my week to cleaning out every nook and cranny of my house. I want every one of those bugs to die twice over. So if I don't post a lot this week, it is because I'm busy murdering beetles in my kitchen.

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