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Sunday, January 8, 2012

New years

gah... I have no pictures for this post. I promise i will do better next week. Well for new years, I made a goal to make goals. This way I can go week by week and actually get stuff done little by little. Take this last week. I made a goal to clean the toilet. Well, it didn't actually get cleaned, but I got lots of other stuff done in the process of avoiding this nasty chore. I cleaned out the whole kitchen and hung up all my clothes that were strewn across the floor in the living room and bedroom. I started and finished my final project for my Photoshop class. I'm updating my blog. I worked on some new products for my Etsy shop: I worked 20 hours at my part-time slave wage job. I've accomplished tons!

Next week, I'm going to clean the toliet again.

The other major thing that happened this week is that my poor 15 month old dell studio laptop died. It conveniently died 3 months after the warrany ran out. typical. I know this happens to EVERYONE, no biggie. I looked up this problem online and found that I probably need a new motherboard. Who the heck has ever bought a new motherboard for their computer? I tried a few tricks I found on Google and it got working long enough for me to steal back my precious photoshop and illustrator programs from the demon computer. and my fonts. I dont know what I would do without all my fonts. I've got hundreds of them and i'm obsessed. I love new fonts like some people love a puppy or a homemade meal after a week of not eating. maybe thats a bit of an exaggeration.

anyway, now we are down to one laptop for the two of us to do school and work and everything on.
happy new year.

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