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Monday, August 15, 2011

How to make fondant

I know lots of you wonder how all those people get their cakes to look so smooth or how all those decorations can fit on there or how on Earth they shaped that cake to look like that. Well, the answer is fondant. and talent. But we are going to focus on the fondant part.

Here is an example of how nice fondant makes your cake look rather than smearing globs of frosting across the top while you rip half the cake up:

Disclaimer: Your cake is not going to turn out this well.
This lady has talent

So I thought I would share some recipes with you so that you can waste away the rest of your lives trying to make that perfect looking cake so that you can start your own cake decorating business and get rich:

from Wilton

from CakeWhiz

from Specialty Cake Creations

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