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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hanging Tissue Ball Tutorial

Supplies Needed:
tissue paper
floral wire

Step 1: unfold your tissue paper all the way

Step 2: I cut mine in half so the finished product wouldn't be so huge.

Step 3: Fold them into an accordion fan shape like the ones you made when you were a kid. Then wrap wire around the middle.

Step 4: cut off the ends in either a circle shape or so that they come to a point. I did circle.

Step 5: fan out both sides as much as you can

Step 6: carefully (this is important because the tissue paper tears easily) pull up on each layer until it forms a pretty ruffly hanging tissue paper ball. You might have to play with the layers a little bit when you are done to get it to fill in all the right spots.

Finished Product:

You can loop string, ribbon, wire, etc. through the wire on top to hang them from the ceiling.

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