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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Baby Clothes Round 2

I told you there would be more. This is pretty much what I have been up to lately along with running my Etsy shop and finishing up school. I finished my last class of the semester this morning! yay! I have had a lot of time for fun sewing projects since I quit my job back in December. Here is round two of adorable little boy clothes that I have made (stay tuned for round 3, I still have several projects in the works and 3 more months till LO is here.)

 Animal Applique Onesies




 Yoda- Made this one for Alex, he loves it.

 Polka Dot Coveralls

Helicopter Applique Onesie and Matching Pants

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Baby Clothes

Since we found out we are having a boy, I got to make a trip to the fabric store (thanks for the hobby lobby gift card you got me for Christmas Granny!) and I have had such a fun time making little boy clothes :) Here are the projects I have done so far:

 Vest and Tie Applique Onesie with Matching Pants

 Close up of the Vest and Tie

 Blue Stripe Pants

 Gray Corduroy Pants

 Black and White Stripe Mittens

 Dinosaur Coveralls

 Bow Tie and Suspenders Applique Onesie

Blue/ Yellow Plaid Coveralls

I don't have tutorials. Sorry about that. I'm too lazy to make tutorials for all this stuff. I can tell you, though, that for the coveralls and pants I used Simplicity pattern #2459. The appliques I made up on my own. I got the tutorial for the mittens here:

And I'm only just getting started...making baby clothes is too fun!